Mossman Gorge Walking Tracks


Embark on your own adventure through the Gorge with a voyage through the lush green rainforest. Soak up the wonders of the national park at your own pace as you navigate the plethora of walking tracks including the popular Gorge Circuit. A picnic lunch at one of the many water holes will allow you the time to just sit and appreciate the wonders of your surroundings. Find yourself under the towering canopy of the rainforest, beautifully framed by the striking mountains.

Baral Marrjanga—270 m (5–10 mins) Grade: easy
Baral Marrjanga leads through the rainforest from the shuttle bus stop to a lookout with views of the Mossman River and the mountain ranges beyond. The track includes two sections of elevated boardwalk which pass through the lower rainforest canopy. The track is suitable for wheelchairs, strollers and the vision-impaired.

Lower river track—300 m (5–10 mins) Grade: moderate to easy
This track starts at the shuttle bus stop and winds along the Mossman River before joining Baral Marrjanga. Several small lookouts along the track provide views of the river. Although most of the lower river track is easy walking, the steps can be slippery. Please take care and use the handrails provided.

Rex Creek bridge—460 m (10 mins) Grade: moderate to easy
To reach the Rex Creek suspension bridge, follow Baral Marrjanga to the lookout and take the short, sign-posted track to the left.

Rainforest Circuit Track (from Rex Creek bridge)—2.4 km return (45 mins) Grade: moderate to easy
This track begins on the far side of Rex Creek bridge. On the left, 80m from the bridge a small lookout provides views of Manjal Dimbi (Mount Demi). A little way past the lookout the track divides to form a circuit that meanders through the rainforest.

All of the walking tracks are clearly signposted and maps are also provided upon entry. Seasonal track closures may occur from time-to-time due to localised flooding or track maintenance. 

Wheelchair accessibility The shuttle bus, picnic area, toilets and the rainforest boardwalk Baral Marrjanga, which leads from the shuttle bus stop to the Mossman River lookout, are all wheelchair accessible. 

Surrounded by lush green rainforest, the crystal-clear water of the Mossman River cascading over granite boulders forms water holes. These sheltered retreats offer the perfect location for a swim (please read this safety information) to break up your walk through the Gorge. 

Warning: Safety is your responsibility! Entering the Mossman River can be dangerous and is done at your own risk as the Mossman Gorge is unsupervised and unmonitored. Water conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly due to heavy rain in other areas. Before entering the water assess the conditions carefully and always use extreme caution. Please read this safety information.