Frequently Asked Questions

Mossman Gorge


Where is Mossman?

Mossman is located 75 kilometres north of Cairns and approx. 15 minutes north of Port Douglas. There are buses between Cairns and Mossman or Port Douglas. These buses though can cost between $30-$50 each way.

The Mossman Gorge Centre is at the entrance to the Mossman section of the Daintree National Park, just a couple of kilometres from the town of Mossman.

What goes on in Mossman?

Mossman is a town of approx. 2000 residents and is based around tourism and the cane industries. Mossman does have a large supermarket and some speciality shops, a library and several gyms and sporting teams. 

There are more shops and attractions in nearby Port Douglas, many tour operators give fantastic discounts to our staff and Trainees, so is a great opportunity to experience all the attractions and tours for a fraction of the price.

As the Training Centre is only 2 kilometres from the Mossman Gorge, there are beautiful swimming holes and walking tracks practically at your door step. 

But if I change my mind and don’t want to go to Uluru…

That’s ok, Ayers Rock Resort will still be there when you are ready.  What is important is that you are ready for this move and that you go into permanent and regular work after you finish your traineeship. If you want to stay in the area, we will try and secure you a job with your host employer or other local employers. 

If you want to relocate to another area, then we have an excellent relationship with Australia’s leading hotel group, Accor Hotels - who have hundreds of hotels around the country that you can apply for jobs in.

If there is an emergency at home - can I leave?

Of course you can - just talk to us. We will help you travel home if you need to get home quickly and help anyway we can. 

Hostel Questions

What do I need to bring with me?

Your bedroom is clean and comfortable - but it’s not huge so be careful you don’t bring too much. You will need to bring;

  • A training uniform – white or black collared shirt, black trousers or skirt and black comfortable shoes
  • Personal clothes, shoes and toiletries - don’t forget exercise shoes and a rain jacket!
  • Personal details such as photo ID, bank account and tax file number and copies of any certificates or qualifications you have already done.

You will be supplied with linen – pillow, sheets, towels and doona.

Do I have to share a room?

All trainees have their own bedroom.  It has a single bed and you share a bathroom and living area. We do have some rooms with two beds and an ensuite bathroom for couples or those who prefer to share - but they are request only.

Can I have a visitor?

We have strict rules that only residents can be upstairs in the hostel. This is for everyone’s safety and privacy. Under no circumstances are there overnight visitors and students in breach of those rules may be asked to leave the Program.

Who does the cooking and cleaning?

While there are Residential Support Workers - they are not your cook or cleaners! All students will be on a roster to help with food preparation and other chores such as dishes, cleaning bathrooms and common areas. Everyone is part of a team so we all work together to get the jobs done. Every trainee is responsible to ensure their own room is clean and tidy at all times and is left the way you found it.

Can I bring my car?

Yes there is car parking available at the Centre.

What do I do on my days off - can I leave the Centre?

Yes absolutely and we encourage you to explore the local area during your days off. After training and work hours you may do what you like (if you are over 18) as long as you abide by the rules while you are in the hostel. If you are leaving for the weekend or night - you are required to advise the Residential Support Worker so we know you won’t be in for dinner and we won’t look for you if you don’t return.

If you are under 18 - then you need your parents’ permission to do any day trips or stay elsewhere overnight.

Who do I speak to if I have a problem at work or in the hostel?

There are many people in the Centre who can support you. The Residential Support Workers and House Coordinator are there to look after the hostel and you outside of work and training hours. They can provide mentoring, advice and help arrange any medical or other appointments you may need. They will also help with transport after hours.

The Learning and Development Manager and Coordinator are there to look after your work and training and will be your key contacts for work experience and when in the training rooms.

The Human Resources Team at the Mossman Gorge Centre look after the 70 staff who work at the Centre. Their office is right near the training centre and they can help you with most enquiries also.

Your Job Network Provider may also provide Post Placement Support and is another person who can assist you.

In short though, whoever you feel most comfortable with is the right person for you to speak to. We all work together to make sure you are happy, healthy and comfortable living, working and training at the Centre.